Single Vision

Single Vision Lenses are prescribed if you need correction for one field of vision, either for distance, intermediate (computer), or items up close (near vision). Eyeglass Lens Direct offers a number of options for the single vision lens wearer. Single vision lenses can come in a couple varieties. In terms of reading glasses, full frame reading glasses are your standard readers. Being wider, they provide a larger line of up-close vision. Single vision lenses can also be half frame reading glasses that are more narrow frames. These sit at the end of the nose, leaving your line of vision open for seeing things in the distance.

Premium Range

kodak lens

Kodak Single Vision

These lenses are available in a choice of materials from conventional plastic to 1.74 high index, these lenses are also comes with Aspheric design, this is not only improves the vision for the higher prescriptions but the side profile of Aspheric lenses is also become thinner.

These are available with CleAR and Clean ‘N’ CleAR coating option .Index availability till 1.74 ,also Kodak SV lenses are available in 1.59 polycarbonate and with Transitions VI generation offering high level performance , as well as 100% UV PROTECTION.

Kodak Trivex coming soon

The Trivex High Index lens has a 1.53 index of refraction and has impact resistant properties similar to polycarbonate. It was designed specifically for drill mount frames and is manufactured by Younger™ and is not as easy to scratch as Polycarbonate. These lenses have UV protection built in blocking 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Trivex lenses are also impact resistant which make them perfect for children’s lenses, sports goggles, and safety glasses.

Medium Range


Asahi-Lite Single Vision

Asahi Lite is credited with the invention of double sided aspheric lenses, a remarkable innovation in the field. DAS(double sided Aspheric lenses) are 10% flatter and thinner than conventional Aspheric Lenses, they have the large focal point area that is spherically designed in the centre of the lens which means much larger viewing area that shows non distorted image ,The lenses are available with MR8 materials.

Available with PROSHIELD, HMC+, UTMC and PROTEC coatings options.

Eco Range


Swiss & GKB Single Vision

Swiss brings you world class technology within affordable range. Hi – definition optics, better color recognition, high levels of comfort and signature of Blow mark, certify its frontier technology and authenticity. Available only with Swiss coating.

GKB brand of lenses are a range of basic lenses which comes with the trust and service of GKB. More of a commitment, the purpose of marketing GKB is to reach out of every personin need of better vision at a budgeted price and provide equal comfort with power correction.

Lenses available in CARE, SHMC+ and UTMC coating.

Niche Range


GKB Glass Single Vision

The Single Vision lenses are also available in glass material for the particular segment of customers with Anti reflection coating known as Persona.