Special Lenses

Anti Fatigue Lenses from Asahi-Lite 

Relax your Eyes with new ASAHI-LITE Repose Anti-fatigue lenses, A boon for people working on computers .

ASAHI-LITE Repose is a Free Form Single Vision lenses which help us in modern days active lifestyle and activities like, work online for hours, or work in offices.

This lens considerably reduces the eyestrain by allowing addition power in intermediate zone, which results the eye muscle to relax.

This lens is available only in 1.6 indexes with DAS features, makes it lighter in weight and free of distortions.

Available with PROSHIELD , UTMC+ and Protec coatings


  • Available in 1.61 material.
  • DAS Features.
  • Wide near and intermediate distance area.


  • Flatter and thinner lenses, even on the edges.
  • Lighter in weight and free of astigmatic distortions.
  • Helps in multitasking like work online for hours, send text messages to friends and then relax by watching YouTube videos.


Monitor View Lenses from Kodak

Lenses are specifically designed for near -task activities. Whether you are inputting data, reviewing e-mail or web browsing, KODAK Monitor View Lenses will help you stay on task.

Kodak Monitor View Lenses are designed with a larger are perfectly placed for viewing the monitor.

It also incorporates a wide reading area to provide comfortable viewing of source documents or the keyboard.

Available with TC , CleAR and Clean ‘N' CleAR coatings.


  • Devote the majority of the lens to near and intermediate vision.
  • Wide near and intermediate distance area.
  • Digitally created backside near-variable focus lenses. 


  • Eliminate the need to tilt your head.
  • Assist visual performance in several tasks, carpentry, needle work, model building, and reading music on a music stand.
  • For prolonged intermediate and near-viewing task.