Bifocal lenses are generally prescription glasses with lenses which have two different optical powers. These bifocal glasses are prescribed to people suffering from presbyopia and who also require a correction for myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism. Bifocals provide larger field of vision, thus enhancing visual comfort without much loss of peripheral vision, bifocal lenses are available with the reading segments in a variety of shapes and widths including sunglasses bifocal options. The most popular reading bifocal is the Flat-Top (also known as straight-top or D-segment), 28 millimeters wide.

Premium Range

kodak lens


KODAK Bifocal lens experts have designed the lenses to meet to the highest expectation of quality, Reliability & Performances which is having the record of excellent technical and customer service skills by their products. KODAK Bifocals are available in both KRYPTOK (Round) and D Bifocal /Flat Top Bifocal of reading zone having segment height of 28mm in 1.5 Index. KODAK Flat Top Bifocals are available in Transition VI generation lenses. Also available in Polycarbonate 1.59 index which are best recommended for 3- piece and supra frames.

Coating Available: CleAR and Clean'N'CleAR.

Medium Range



ASAHI-LITE Bifocal lenses provides maximum comfort for both near and far sightedness, enhances visual comfort without loss of peripheral vision, available in both KRYPTOK (Round) and D Bifocal of reading zone having Segment height of 28mm in 1.5 Index . Asahi Bifocals can be dispensed to budget & Medium range customers in any type of frame fitting.

ASAHI is the first Brand available in higher Refractive indexes of 1.6 (MR8 material most toughened material suitable for three piece frame fitting exclusively) & 1.67 ULTRA LITE available in D Bifocal of reading zone having Segment height of 28mm. ASHAHI CR-D Bifocal is available in Transition Grey/ Brown (Gen VI)color along with Anti reflection coating.

Coating Available: - PROSHIELD, UTMC and PROTEC.

Eco Range


Swiss & GKB Bifocals:

SWISS Bifocal brings you world class technology within affordable range. Hi – definition optics, better color recognition, high levels of comfort and signature of Blow mark, certify its Authencities. Swiss KRYPTOK Bifocal is also available as ready stock in plus spherical power range along with superior SWISS COAT will be easier to dispense to budget range urgent customers. Swiss KRYPTOK Bifocals are available in Photo chromatic Grey color along with superior antireflection coating in ready stock.

Coating Available: - Swiss coating

GKB Bifocals prescription lenses are available in both KRYPTOK (Round) and D Bifocal of reading zone having Segment height of 28mm.The GKB Bifocals are available in a very economical range which can dispensed to any Presbyopes. GKB Bifocal lenses are also available in Transition Grey /Brown (Gen VI), Lenticular lenses specially having the prescription within +/- 15.50 Diopter with +/-3Dcyl & D Bifocal is also available in polycarbonate material advisable for 3- piece and supra frames.

Coating Available: - Care and UTMC.

Niche Range


Gkb Glass

Vision 360° also provides the bifocals range in Glass material for the particular segment of customers with Anti reflection coating known as Persona.