Lens coatings can enhance the performance and appearance of your eyeglass lenses, basically there are two types of coatings done on the lens surface i.e., Hard Coating and Anti-reflective coating. Lenses that are treated front and back with a clear, scratch-resistant coating (also called Hard Coating) have a much harder surface that is more resistant to scratching. Scratch-resistant coatings give extra durability to the Eyeglass lenses. Anti-reflective coating (also called AR coating) is a microscopically thin multilayer coating that eliminates reflections from the front and back surface of eyeglass lenses. AR coating makes your lenses nearly invisible so people can focus on your eyes, not distracting reflections from your eyeglasses. Anti-reflective coating also eliminates glare caused by light reflecting from your lenses. With reflections eliminated, lenses with AR coating provide better vision for night driving and more comfortable vision for reading and computer use by maximum transmission of Light Rays of 99.6% and cutting down visible spectrum from 380 nm to 700nm.AR coating is highly recommended for all eyeglass lenses, but particularly for polycarbonate and high- index lenses, which reflect more light than regular glass or plastic lenses if anti-reflective coating is not applied


ProShield comes packed with some great advantages

  • It offers protection, comfort and a better overall appearance.
  • It keeps the lens free from scratches.
  • It gives better resistance to abrasion and to chemicals.
  • It enhances optical clarity.
  • It makes the lens much more durable.


UTMC performs exceptionally well with a number of clear benefits:

  • It promotes greater clarity of vision, repelling even sticky substances like oil.
  • It keeps the lens cleaner for longer.
  • It makes the lens surface tougher.
  • It doesn’t allow water droplets to stick to the surface.


ProTec works on a multifunctional level:

  • It is antistatic and hydrophobic, so is resistant to dirt and water.
  • It is convenient to clean.
  • It remains clean and clear at all times.
  • It has excellent adhesive properties.
  • It promotes a long life for the lens with outstanding durability.
  • It gives a low level of residual reflection.


  • It is Hydrophobic coating which repels water and dirt.
  • It allows the 99.6% transmission of light rays through the lens which enhances the Clarity in viewing and contrast relatively better.
  • It helps to reduce the glare, and improves vision during night time.
  • It inhibits reflection which improved cosmetic appearance.


  • It is an Oleo phobic coating which repels grease and dirt's.
  • It is having super hydrophobic coat which makes the lens cleaning 10 times better then
  • It reduced light scattering which improves night vision and reduces glare.
  • It is having Anti-static property which repels dust to keeps the lens clear.


  • It impacts lens curvature in a way that makes it difficult for water droplets to stick to the surface.
  • It keeps the lens cleaner for longer.
  • It makes the lens surface tougher.
  • It has 11 protective Layers of Coatings
  • It promotes greater clarity of vision, repelling even sticky substances like oil.